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Deconstructing a 3.4-km structure in the era of sustainable development

Date: May 26th, 2021

Cette session est également offerte en français

The deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge, which is being overseen by The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), poses enormous technical and environmental challenges. The Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent (NHSL) Corporation is the group responsible for the project and has developed innovative methods to carry out this massive undertaking while protecting the St. Lawrence River. “Deconstruction” means carefully taking apart the bridge components to minimize the impact on the environment and the public and so that at least 90% of the materials can be reused. JCCBI also wants to help build civil engineering knowledge through eleven R&D projects that will take place during the deconstruction work. Last but not least, JCCBI will commemorate the history of the bridge with the Héritage Champlain project, particularly through the development of spaces freed up along the shoreline.




Dominique Blouin – Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated


Antoine Audoynaud – Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent


Simon Hébert – Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent

  • Dominique Blouin – Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated

With a degree in civil engineering from Université Laval, Dominique Blouin is a manager with over 27 years of diverse experience in the construction industry in both Canada and the U.S. During his career, Mr. Blouin has honed his skills by tackling challenges in areas such as business management and the management of major project teams. Mr. Blouin joined JCCBI in 2019 as the director of the deconstruction project for the original Champlain Bridge. Before joining the JCCBI team, Mr. Blouin held various management positions at Canam Group. In these different roles, Mr. Blouin stood out through his abilities in change management and process optimization. As Senior Director, Projects, Mr. Blouin oversees the Projects Group.

  • Antoine Audoynaud – Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent

Mr. Audoynaud, a civil engineer, is the Construction Manager for Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent (NHSL), the contractor for the original Champlain Bridge deconstruction project. He also contributed to the successful completion of several major JCBBI projects within Pomerleau’s Civil & Infrastructure division: the lighting of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the removal of the super-beam and the Champlain Bridge rehabilitation work. Always eager to take on new challenges and find innovative solutions, Mr. Audoynaud leads multidisciplinary teams with adaptability and great efficiency.

  • Simon Hébert – Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent

Following an education in Business Administration and Management, Simon Hébert has been working in the Civil industry for the past 20 years mainly in the dismantling of major civil infrastructures. In 2020, Simon was appointed as the Deputy project director on the Champlain Bridge Deconstruction project for Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent (NHSL). In 2015, Simon joined the Delsan-AIM Environmental Services Team to build, develop and manage the Civil works division. Since then, he participated in many major Civil infrastructure deconstruction project such has the Turcot Interchange, the Bonaventure Expressway and the Samuel De Champlain Bridge. Mr. Hébert oversees also business development, project estimates and key account project management across Eastern Canada for the Delsan-AIM’s civil works services.


Date: May 27th, 2021

The road to success is always under construction [Lily Tomlin]

This presentation will provide an overview of insights from several research themes undertaken by the speaker from a pragmatic and sometimes humorous perspective. The first theme will be worker safety, followed by automated and remote data collection, and technology opportunities in construction. The speaker will finally indulge in some reflections from her career and provide a few lessons learned.



Dr. Brenda McCabe – University of Toronto

Dr. Brenda McCabe is Professor Emerita in the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering at University of Toronto. Her area of research is construction management with focus on safety, technology applications on site, and automated data collection. She served in several leadership roles at the University including Chair of Civil Engineering, Vice Dean Graduate Studies, and most recently, Provostial Advisor on Student Enrolment. She is a Fellow of Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (CSCE) and Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and President Elect at CSCE.


Date: May 28th, 2021

There is no doubt that we are experiencing an unprecedented level of excitement and interest in “Off-site Construction” today!  Yet, there remains a considerable gap between awareness and adoption.  Why is that?  In this keynote, Laurie Robert will define permanent modular construction and explore market perceptions, industry challenges, and process benefits with a focus on the distinctive strategies and best practices necessary to drive the most successful outcome to a modular project.



Laurie Robert – NRB Modular Solutions

Laurie Robert is a LEED AP, with an extensive background in Modular Construction spanning more than three decades.  Laurie served as Manager and then VP of Sales for NRB Inc., a leading Canadian Modular Building Company located in Grimsby, ON, from 1983 through to her recent retirement from the organization in March 2021.  During this time, she was instrumental in the company’s market diversification and strategic growth, including an expansion to the US with the creation of NRB USA in Pennsylvania in 2003. Laurie is a Past President of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), Past Chair of the Modular Building Institute Canadian Foundation, current Chair of the National Institute of Building Sciences Off-site Construction Council. Laurie is a two-time recipient of the Modular Building Institute Outstanding Achievement award and has been inducted into the MBI Hall of Fame in 2017.

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