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Construction Specialty Chair:

Mazdak Nik-Bakht, PhD, PEng

The Construction Specialty Conference is being held jointly with the Construction Research Congress (CRC 2021)

For more information, please contact: Mazdak Nik-Bakht



AI and machine learning

Automation and robotics

Building information modelling

Facilities management

Visualization and virtual/augmented reality

Decision-support systems

Disaster management and risk mitigation

Global construction issues

Green and sustainable design and construction

Health and safety

Life cycle analysis and costing

Project performance tracking and control

Risk management

Thank you to the following individuals for helping review submissions:

Dr. Zhen Lei
Dr. Zinming (Sherry) Li
Sara Rankohi
Dr. Sang Hyeok Han
Dr. Lloyd Waugh
Dr. Jeff Rankin
Dr. Hexu Liu
Dr. Qipei Mei
Dr Francis M.F. SIU
Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues Aragao
Dr. Mohammadjavad Arabpour
Dr. Charles Nnaemeka Igwe
Ramtin Azami

Angat Pal Singh Bhatia
Ei Chan
Wenjing Chu
Regina Dias Barkokebas
Abdelhady Hosny
Mohammadali Khazen
Babak Manouchehri
Araham Martinez
Rafaela Panizza
Leila Rafati Sokhangoo
Ala Suliman
Jingwen Wang
Ahmed Zaalouk
Yuxuan Zhang


Environmental Specialty

General Conference

Hydrotechnical Specialty


Transportation Specialty

Structures Specialty

Materials Specialty

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