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The conference will focus on the environmental and public health facet of civil engineering and its importance in improving the quality of life for people and providing reliable infrastructure for societal benefits. It will explore research and technological advances concerning innovative approaches, assessment and sustainable management/remediation of environmental impacts to water, air, and soil and the unique challenges faced in addressing the effects of climate change on infrastructure.

Environmental Specialty Chair:
Dr. Kelvin Tsun Wai Ng, PhD, PEng, MCSCE


Water quality and management,

Municipal, industrial, and rural wastewater treatment

Contaminant transport

Environmental hydraulics

Air quality and pollution control

Toxic material control

Contaminated site assessment, remediation and reclamation

Land management and planning

Waste disposal, recycling, and minimization

Hazardous waste management

Geo-environmental engineering

Environmental issues related to mining, gas and oil sectors

Sustainable agriculture

Life cycle analysis and environmental risk

Environmental policy and economy during the pandemic

Public health and safety regarding coronavirus

Environmental engineering education

Climate change



Construction Specialty

General Conference

Hydrotechnical Specialty

Structures Specialty


Transportation Specialty

Materials Specialty

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