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The CSCE’s Hydrotechnical Division’s Speciality Conference, called the Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference, invites presentations from the broad areas of hydraulic and hydrological engineering both from practice and academia.  Case studies are welcome submissions, in addition to state-of-the-art research. We encourage young professionals to those with many years of experience to come participate in the discussion.


Hydrotechnical Specialty Chair:
Dr. Manas Shome, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCSCE


Climate Change and adaptation

Sustainable water resources management

Flood hydrology, climate change and flood risk management

Lake hydraulics

Eco hydraulics, fish passage and stream/habitat restoration

Hydraulic structures

Hydrology and hydrologic modelling

Experimental and computational flow hydraulics

Computational and physical modelling of hydraulic structures

Urban hydrology, hydraulics and stormwater management

Fluvial geomorphology and sediment transport modelling

Water quality and solute transport modelling in lakes and riverine environment

Mixing, dispersion and stratified flows

Coastal hydraulics and engineering

Ice engineering

Field and laboratory measurements of fluid flows

Hydroinformatics and instrumentation

Water resources policy

Case studies and lessons learned

Hydraulic engineering education


Environmental Specialty

General Conference

Structures Specialty


Transportation Specialty

Materials Specialty


Construction Specialty

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